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Olive and Acacia Honey

For the first time in Pakistan, we introduce Olive and Acacia Honey. The best honey which is pure, natural, from olive flowers at our Izhar Farms in Kalar Kahar and is un-adulterated. See more

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As the name says, this honey is collected from flowers of Olive and Acacia found at Izhar Farms. Honey bees are kept in flowering season at our farm in Kalar Kahar. Honeybees collect nectar from these flowers and produce pure honey. Best honeybee farming practices are followed to obtain special Olive and Acacia Honey. No sugar or other feed is given to honeybees during such flowering period. Hence, the honey produced is pure in nature without any adulteration. Similarly, during packing process, special care is given; nothing is added or mixed during packing. Hence, Izhar Olive & Acacia Honey is Pure, Natural and UNADULTERATED. The purity has all herbal medicinal benefits of a pure honey. 

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