OUT OF STOCK Reduced! Pack of 12 Honey Sachets (Pure & Natural)

12 Honey Sachets (Pure & Natural)

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Honeybees collect this honey from the wild flowers of Phulai (Acacia Modesta) and Bhaiker (Justicia adhatoda) found in valleys of Potohar such as Kalar Kahar, Soan, Chakwal, Jehlum etc.  The best quality of honey is harvested with careful practices of honebee farming. Special care and quality control checks are followed to get pure and natural honey (free from any sugar mixing or other malpractices). Therefore, pure and natural Honey is obtained. During packing, no processing is done. Nothing is mixed, not even a single grain of sugar, flavor, fragrance etc. Thus, we call our honey UNADULTERATED. The Izhar Honey has all the natural flavors as produced by honeybees. It has all medicinal benefits of pure honey. This is why everyone likes the taste of Izhar Honey better than any other honey found in market.

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